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The Best Christian Colleges In Pennsylvania for a bright future

Discover the top Christian colleges in Pennsylvania that will help you soar to new heights. Unleash your potential and find your purpose today!
Discover the top Christian colleges in Pennsylvania that will help you soar to new heights. Unleash your potential and find your purpose today!
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Christian Pure Team
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October 8, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Pennsylvania is home to top-notch Christian Universities that foster students’ personal, spiritual, and academic growth.
  • These institutions, from Grove City College to Misericordia University, emphasize faith integration, academic excellence, and community involvement.
  • A broad range of undergraduate programs are offered, providing students with diverse learning opportunities.
  • These colleges prioritize hands-on learning experiences, promoting a holistic approach to education.
  • With a strong focus on faith, academics, and ethical living, these colleges enable students to unlock their potential and follow their passions.

Grove City College

Grove City College, located in Grove City, PA, emphasizes freedom, faith, and free-market principles, providing students with diverse undergraduate programs and hands-on learning experiences. The campus culture at Grove City College is rooted in its strong commitment to religious life. The college fosters a supportive and close-knit community where students can grow personally and spiritually. Faith integration plays a significant role in the academic programs at Grove City College. The college believes in the impact of faith on education, and as such, it integrates faith into all aspects of student learning. This approach enhances the academic experience by promoting critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and a deeper world understanding. The integration of faith and academics at Grove City College creates a unique and enriching educational environment.

Eastern University

Eastern University offers a welcoming and inclusive campus atmosphere, a commitment to social justice and community service, and strong academic programs.

  1. Campus culture: Eastern University prides itself on creating a campus culture that embraces diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for all students. The university promotes respect, acceptance, and understanding, where students can freely express their ideas and engage in thoughtful dialogue.
  2. Academic programs: Eastern University offers various academic programs across various disciplines, including arts and sciences, business, education, health sciences, and theology. The university's faculty members are dedicated to providing a rigorous and intellectually stimulating education that prepares students for successful careers and lifelong learning.
  3. Personal and spiritual growth: Besides its strong academic offerings, Eastern University is committed to nurturing its students’ personal and spiritual growth. Through chapel services, campus ministries, and service-learning opportunities, students can deepen their faith, explore their passions, and positively impact the world.

Messiah University

Messiah University, located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is a highly-regarded academic institution that strongly emphasizes service learning and community engagement. This university has a rich history of providing quality education to students from all walks of life and continues to do so today.

One of the standout features of Messiah University is its robust academic programs. This institution offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, focusing on liberal arts education. Students can choose from business, education, engineering, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences majors. Additionally, Messiah College has several unique interdisciplinary programs, including majors in sustainability studies and peace and conflict studies.

Beyond its academic offerings, Messiah University is also known for its vibrant campus life. Numerous extracurricular opportunities are available to students, including clubs and organizations for everything from music and theater to service and advocacy. The university also has a strong athletics program, with 22 varsity sports teams that compete in NCAA Division III.

Finally, it's worth noting that Messiah College is affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church. While the school welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds, its Christian identity does inform its approach to education and community values. As the university's mission statement puts it, "Messiah University is a Christian university of the liberal and applied arts and sciences that seeks to develop men and women toward maturity of intellect, character, and Christian faith in preparation for lives of service, leadership, and reconciliation in church and society."

Cairn University

Cairn University, located in Langhorne, PA, offers an education that integrates biblical principles and spiritual formation, providing extensive global outreach and mission opportunities. The university strongly emphasizes the integration of faith and academics, allowing students to develop a deep understanding of their chosen field while also nurturing their spiritual growth. Cairn University offers various programs and initiatives that allow students to engage in global outreach, such as mission trips and service projects. These opportunities provide students with the chance to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world context while also making a positive impact on the lives of others. By combining academic excellence with a strong foundation in faith, Cairn University equips students to become compassionate and effective leaders in their chosen professions.

Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College, located in Lancaster, PA, offers students a supportive and nurturing campus environment where they can integrate a strong biblical foundation into all academic programs. With a focus on spiritual growth and academic excellence, Lancaster Bible College provides students with numerous opportunities to develop their skills and deepen their faith. Here are three key features that make Lancaster Bible College stand out:

1) Robust Internship Opportunities: Lancaster Bible College recognizes the importance of practical experience in preparing students for their future careers. The college offers a range of internship opportunities, allowing students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world settings and gain valuable professional experience.

2) Thriving Campus Community: At Lancaster Bible College, students become part of a close-knit community that supports and encourages one another. From chapel services and Bible studies to clubs and organizations, there are plenty of opportunities for students to connect with their peers and build lasting relationships.

3) Focus on Spiritual Growth: Lancaster Bible College strongly emphasizes spiritual development as a Christian college. Through chapel services, discipleship programs, and mentoring relationships, students can deepen their faith and grow in their relationship with God.

At Lancaster Bible College, students can expect a well-rounded education that combines academic excellence with spiritual formation and a supportive campus community that fosters personal and professional growth. With internship opportunities and a focus on the campus community, Lancaster Bible College provides students with a comprehensive and enriching college experience.

Geneva College

Geneva College, located in Beaver Falls, PA, offers students a Christ-centered education and a commitment to academic excellence and spiritual growth. With an emphasis on integrating faith and academics, Geneva College strives to provide a comprehensive educational experience for its students. The college believes in the power of Christ-centered education and ensures that faith integration is incorporated into all programs. Students at Geneva College can expect a vibrant campus life with a wide range of clubs and organizations to get involved in. Additionally, the college strongly emphasizes community engagement, providing opportunities for students to impact their local community positively. At Geneva College, students can expect a well-rounded education that nurtures their spiritual growth and prepares them for success in their chosen fields.

Westminster College

Geneva College, emphasizing Christ-centered education and faith integration, is followed by Westminster College, another prominent Christian institution in Pennsylvania. Westminster College, located in New Wilmington, PA, boasts a rich Christian heritage and a commitment to intellectual curiosity. Here are three key features that make Westminster College stand out among the best Christian colleges in Pennsylvania:

  1. Mentorship programs and personalized attention: Westminster College takes pride in its supportive faculty mentorship, ensuring students receive guidance and support throughout their academic journey.
  2. Opportunities for personal and spiritual growth: The college provides numerous opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, encouraging students to explore their faith and develop a deeper understanding of their spiritual beliefs.
  3. Strong academic programs: Westminster College offers many strong academic programs that challenge and inspire students to excel in their chosen fields.

With its focus on mentorship, personal and spiritual growth, and strong academics, Westminster College provides a nurturing environment for students to unleash their potential.

Bryn Athyn College

Located in Bryn Athyn, PA, Bryn Athyn College offers a unique integration of spiritual exploration with academic pursuits. With a focus on sustainable living, the college allows students to engage in meaningful discussions about their spiritual beliefs while learning to live harmoniously with the environment. The college's curriculum incorporates courses on ethics, environmental science, and sustainable practices, allowing students to develop a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between spirituality and sustainability. In addition to academic offerings, Bryn Athyn College provides numerous opportunities for students to explore spiritually through campus ministries, retreats, and community service projects. The college's commitment to sustainable living extends beyond the classroom, with initiatives such as recycling programs, organic gardening, and energy-efficient buildings. Bryn Athyn College truly offers a holistic approach to education, empowering students to explore their spirituality and positively impact the world around them.

Lebanon Valley College

Lebanon Valley College (LVC) is a private Christian college in Annville, Pennsylvania. The college was founded in February 1866, making it one of Pennsylvania's oldest higher education institutions. The college was established by members of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, who wanted to provide a high-quality education to young people in the region.

Classes at LVC began just a week and a few days after the college was officially opened, with a few students in attendance. Over the years, the college has grown significantly, and today it is home to over 1,900 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The college offers more than 40 majors, including graduate and doctoral programs, in business, education, music, science, and the arts.

One of the unique features of LVC is its commitment to providing students with opportunities to study abroad. The college offers study abroad programs in various countries, including Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, China, Argentina, England, Dominican Republic, and Spain. These programs allow students to immerse themselves in different cultures, gain new perspectives, and enhance their academic and personal growth.

Lebanon Valley College is also known for its strong sense of community and commitment to providing all students with a supportive and inclusive environment. The college has several student organizations, clubs, and various athletic teams and activities. The college aims to provide a transformative educational experience that prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world.

University Of Valley Forge

The University of Valley Forge, located in Phoenixville, PA, fosters a dynamic and worship-oriented campus environment where students can engage in diverse academic programs and practical training.

  1. Extensive Ministry and Leadership Development Opportunities: The University of Valley Forge offers students the chance to develop their leadership skills and explore their calling through various ministry opportunities. From worship teams to mission trips, students have numerous avenues to grow their faith and leadership abilities.
  2. Commitment to Personal and Spiritual Growth: The university prioritizes the holistic development of its students, providing resources and support for personal and spiritual growth. Chapel services, small groups, and mentoring programs exemplify how the campus community encourages students' spiritual journeys.
  3. Strong Community Engagement: The University of Valley Forge emphasizes the importance of community engagement and encourages students to impact their local community and beyond positively. Through service projects, outreach programs, and partnership opportunities, students can apply their knowledge and faith practically.

Eastern Mennonite University

Eastern Mennonite University in Lancaster, PA, fosters a supportive and nurturing learning environment that encourages hands-on learning and community involvement. The university is deeply rooted in Mennonite traditions and strongly emphasizes peacemaking and cross-cultural understanding. Eastern Mennonite University offers robust study abroad programs and global engagement opportunities, allowing students to broaden their cultural perspectives and engage with diverse communities worldwide. The faculty at Eastern Mennonite University is dedicated to providing a supportive learning environment and are committed to academic excellence and personal growth. Students can participate in hands-on learning experiences and community service projects, further fostering their understanding of global issues and their role as responsible citizens. Eastern Mennonite University truly prepares students to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.

Houghton College

Houghton College, located in Philadelphia, PA, is a Christian college offering comprehensive undergraduate and graduate leadership development and service programs. The college emphasizes the integration of faith, academics, and the arts to foster holistic growth and personal development. Here are three key aspects of Houghton College:

  1. Leadership Development: Houghton College provides students ample opportunities to develop their leadership skills, abilities, and Christian Faith. Through various programs, internships, and extracurricular activities, students can cultivate their leadership potential and make a positive impact in their chosen fields.
  2. Faith Integration: Houghton College is committed to integrating faith into every aspect of campus life and academic programs. Students are encouraged to explore their spiritual beliefs, engage in meaningful discussions, and deepen their understanding of their faith.
  3. Commitment to Personal and Spiritual Growth: Houghton College prioritizes its students’ personal and spiritual growth. Through mentorship, counseling services, and a supportive campus community, students have the resources and guidance they need to thrive academically, professionally, and spiritually.

DeSales University

DeSales University, located in Center Valley, PA, offers a Catholic education emphasizing ethics and community service, providing global learning experiences and practical application through internships and co-op opportunities. At DeSales University, students can explore Catholic values and incorporate them into their academic and personal lives. The university strongly emphasizes service and social justice, encouraging students to actively engage in their communities and make a positive impact. DeSales University also fosters a supportive campus community where students can grow academically and personally. With a commitment to academic excellence and personal growth, DeSales University prepares students to become ethical leaders who contribute to society. While DeSales University focuses on Catholic values, Saint Joseph's University, another university in Pennsylvania, also emphasizes service and social justice, making it an excellent choice for students passionate about making a difference in the world.

Saint Josephs University

Located in Philadelphia, Saint Joseph's University is a renowned Jesuit university known for its rigorous academics and commitment to social justice. Here are three key aspects of Saint Joseph's University:

  1. Rigorous Academics: Saint Joseph's University offers various academic programs, including business, education, humanities, and sciences. The university is known for its challenging curriculum and dedicated faculty who encourage critical thinking and intellectual growth.
  2. Commitment to Social Justice: Saint Joseph's University is deeply committed to social justice issues and actively engages with the local community through service projects and volunteer opportunities. Students are encouraged to become active citizens and positively impact society.
  3. Holistic Development: The university focuses on holistic development, ensuring that students excel academically and grow personally and professionally. Saint Joseph's University provides comprehensive support services, including career and networking opportunities, to help students succeed in their chosen fields.

Saint Joseph’s University offers a well-rounded education combining rigorous academics with a commitment to social justice and holistic development.

Keystone College

Keystone College, located in La Plume, PA, is known for its emphasis on fostering ethical leadership and social responsibility. With small class sizes and personalized attention, Keystone College provides a supportive campus community that encourages academic excellence and personal growth. Campus life at Keystone College is vibrant and diverse, offering students a wide range of extracurricular opportunities to explore their interests and passions. From student clubs and organizations to community service initiatives, there is something for everyone to get involved in and contribute to the community. Additionally, the impact of Christian values on education at Keystone College is evident in how faith integration enhances the academic experience. Students can better understand their faith by incorporating Christian principles into the curriculum while gaining a well-rounded education. This unique combination of supportive community and faith integration sets Keystone College apart and creates a nurturing environment for students to unleash their potential.

Susquehanna University

Susquehanna University, a liberal arts university in Selinsgrove, PA, offers diverse academic programs and emphasizes active undergraduate research opportunities. 1) The university provides study abroad programs allowing students to immerse themselves in different cultures and gain a global perspective. 2) Susquehanna University also strongly focuses on undergraduate research programs, allowing students to learn hands-on and contribute to meaningful research projects. 3) Located near the scenic Susquehanna River, the university offers abundant outdoor recreational opportunities for students. With a commitment to academic excellence and personal growth, Susquehanna University provides students with opportunities for intellectual exploration, personal development, and a well-rounded education.

Misericordia University

Misericordia University, located in Dallas, PA, offers a strong Catholic heritage and a commitment to mercy and service, providing students with a supportive campus environment and ample extracurricular opportunities. The university's strong Catholic heritage influences its commitment to mercy and service by instilling in students the values of compassion, empathy, and the desire to serve others. Misericordia University offers many opportunities for students interested in health sciences and healthcare programs. The university's health sciences focus allows students to pursue degrees in fields such as nursing, medical imaging, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on learning experiences, including clinical rotations and internships, to prepare them for careers in the healthcare industry. Through its rigorous academic programs and dedication to personal growth, Misericordia University equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to make a positive impact in the field of health sciences.

Frequently asked questions

What Is the Average Class Size at Grove City College?

  • Grove City College maintains a small average class size, promoting personalized learning experiences.
  • The small class sizes encourage meaningful interactions between students and professors.
  • This format fosters a supportive learning environment with active student participation.
  • A sense of community and collaboration is cultivated among students due to the small class sizes.
  • These small class sizes at Grove City College significantly enhance student learning and development.

Does Eastern University Offer Any Study Abroad Programs?

  • Eastern University provides impactful study abroad programs enhancing students' personal and academic growth.
  • The programs enable students to experience diverse cultures, expand their global viewpoints, and acquire indispensable skills for a global career.
  • Studying abroad offers a profound insight into social justice issues on a global scale.
  • Students can participate in international community service, enriching their educational journey.
  • These international experiences contribute to students' overall personal and spiritual development.

How Many Majors Does Cairn University Offer?

  • Cairn University offers a selection of over 50 diverse academic programs.
  • The university strongly emphasizes combining faith and academics in its teaching approach.
  • It fosters an environment conducive to personal and spiritual growth.
  • Grove City College, in contrast, focuses on offering intimate class sizes with an average of 15 students.
  • Both institutions prioritize academic excellence and are committed to helping students realize their full potential.

What Is the Student-To-Faculty Ratio at Lancaster Bible College?

  • Lancaster Bible College boasts a student-to-faculty ratio 12:1, promoting active student involvement and robust academic support.
  • The college integrates a strong biblical foundation into all its academic programs.
  • It provides a nurturing campus environment that encourages spiritual growth and academic excellence.
  • The yearly tuition at Lancaster Bible College is approximately $22,090.
  • This makes it a cost-effective choice for those seeking a Christian education in Pennsylvania.

What Are the Most Popular Clubs and Organizations at Geneva College?

  • Geneva College, situated in Beaver Falls, PA, provides many popular clubs and organizations for student participation.
  • These include academic clubs, honor societies, sports teams, and service organizations catering to diverse interests.
  • These activities offer a platform for students to pursue their interests and help develop leadership skills.
  • The college provides an excellent environment for students to foster new friendships through involvement in these clubs and organizations.
  • Geneva College places a strong emphasis on student involvement, promoting a variety of student leadership opportunities.

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