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Christian Power Tools

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Empowering Christians globally with practical tools to live proper Christian lives.


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A world in turmoil

The world is changing. Fewer and fewer people are publicly declaring that they are Christians. Christians are being persecuted in a new way: Have you noticed that every group these days is "protected" and has a "safe space", except for Christians? If you say something about Islam, you are islamophobic. If you say something about Jews, you are antisemitic. But if you say something about Christians -- we are the butt of the joke.

A Period Of Transition

The body of Christ is in a period of transition to these new times. We are learning to adopt new methods for these new times. Part of this is finding ways to express our faith in ways that is different from the way our parents expressed it. The books, jewelry and fashion of our parents don't resonate with us, or with the times. The Message is eternal, but the methods are generational. God put it on my heart to start this ministry. A way for Christians of this generation to easily find each other and open doors to easily share their faith with others.

Something as simple as a bracelet or a T-Shirt can serve as an amazing tool for sharing our faith with others. When someone asks about a T-Shirt we’re wearing, we have an incredible opportunity to explain what it means to us and what the purpose of it is. A simple "hey I like your T-Shirt" could turn into a life-changing experience for that person.

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