How To Know And Fulfill Your God-given Purpose

How to know and fulfill your God-given purpose is well within your reach.

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December 25, 2023
November 12, 2021
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If you look around the world today, you will notice that a lot of people are searching for their purpose. Many are getting lost and disillusioned and do not know where to turn. They have searched the internet, and answered many questions, which have lead them nowhere. How to know and fulfill your God-given purpose is well within your reach.

One thing many people often overlook is that God is the giver of purpose, and the only one who can define it. When we read the stories of people like Paul, Jeremiah, Samson, among others, we see that God clearly stated their purpose for being on earth (Galatians 1:1-2, Jeremiah 1:5, Judges 13:5).

I know one Christian lady who had a revelation from God about her purpose when she was a new believer. She doubted it because she thought that purpose is hard to find, and hit the internet in search of answers. She came across lots of New Age content and coaches with ideas on how to find one’s purpose but it never worked.

She kept at it for years moving from one conference to another with no results. Eventually, in frustration, she asked God why she was having a hard time knowing her purpose. God simply took her back to her journal where she had written what He had revealed to her years earlier.

She received confirmation from other believers, pastors, and prophets concerning her purpose and that is when she got down to fulfilling it. She discovered that God was clear on His purpose for her life, and it did not involve searching for it from other sources. You cannot know and fulfill your God-given purpose outside of a relationship with God.

How to Know Your God-given Purpose

God is the one who reveals your purpose, and if you don’t know yours, find out from Him. The world has conditioned us to follow our hearts and the things we are passionate about, but none of them are your purpose. This has caused confusion among many people because they now think that their passion is their purpose.

If you look around your church community or believers you know, you will notice that people get to know their purpose once they get born again. Before then, people will talk about wanting to know God’s will for their lives but never arriving at the answer. This points to the fact that we are looking for purpose in the wrong places.

Then there are those like the apostle Paul before he knew Christ, who think they know their purpose but it has nothing to do with the Kingdom agenda (Acts 22:4). It is self-appointed, self-directed, and self-defined, and the glory goes to the person and not God.

As God reveals your purpose, write it and ask questions where you need clarity. It’s important to get clear so that you will not have any doubt in your heart. Confirm what God is saying to you through the Scriptures. This is how you are going to be sure that it is the voice of God you are hearing. God will also confirm your purpose through others who recognize it in the body of Christ.

Once you are sure that you know your purpose, the next step is taking action steps to fulfill it.

How to Fulfill Your God-given purpose

God is amazing because He never leaves us in the dark, He lights up our path so that we can see the steps we are taking. One thing God show you is the first step you need to take. Don’t get caught up in trying to start from the top when God knows the path you must follow.

God will use His Word to guide your steps and if you obey, you will find yourself going in the right direction (Psalm 119:105). Sometimes the things God will ask you to do may not make sense at first, but as you obey, your path unfold. Don’t wait to see the entire picture before you make a move because you will remain stuck. God hardly shows you the full picture and guides you as you obey His instructions.

Your gifts will bring your purpose to life, and this is how others will know what you have been called to do. The apostle Paul was called to preach Christ to the Gentiles and he said that the gifts God gave him were to be a preacher and apostle (1 Timothy 2:7). He knew his purpose and gifts. God will give you the wisdom to know how to use your gifts to fulfill your purpose.

The Cost of Fulfilling Your God-given Purpose

Many people want to know God’s purpose for their lives but are not willing to pay the price to do so. There is a cost to fulfilling your God-given purpose and you have to be ready to pay it. It’s very sad to see great men and women of God today who have fallen because they wanted the best of both worlds – the pleasures of the world and the benefits of the Kingdom of God.

In Luke 14:18, Jesus shows us the importance of counting the cost. He says that you should not begin until you count the cost, and stresses the importance of knowing the cost before putting up your building.

A time will come when you will have to leave a plum job, friends who are no longer going in your direction, or a worldly lifestyle. We are different, and we will have to give up things that are unique to our lives. The bottom line is: be ready to leave behind whatever God asks you to.

I’m sure you have seen many people walk away from top jobs, and get involved in ministry work or start companies that don’t compare with what they were doing – or so we think. Everyone looks at them as lost, yet they finally found their God-given purpose and gave up all for it. The journey of fulfilling God’s purpose for your life is an exciting one because of the satisfaction that comes with doing His work and touching lives.

Jesus said that when you give up everything to follow Him you will receive a hundred times of what you have lost (Mark 10: 29-30).

The Bible has the solutions you need for everything you will encounter as you fulfill your purpose. Enjoy every bit of the journey even as you look forward to completing the work that God has given you to do on earth.

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